Wild At Life Project

Community Empowerment

and Human Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Activity status: Ongoing
Area of Activity: Zimbabwe and Zambia

Human-Wildlife Conflict Mitigation

Coexisting can be challenging, and with the human population continuously expanding, conflicts are inevitable. Lions, elephants, and other species are being shot, snared, or worst, poisoned, yet few killings are actually reported to local authorities around Africa.

Prey animals such as gazelles and zebras seldom stick to a specific area due to seasonal movements for greener pastures. Local communities apply large pressure on natural games due to the constant increase of the bush meat trade, this causes a domino effect when natural games are poached for meat consumption. Considering these two factors, lions either follow prey into community lands or face a lack of prey diversity, which drives them towards slow-moving prey such as livestock.

Human-wildlife conflict is real and should be considered a major role player in determining the success of free-roaming wildlife in the future. In this scope, Wild at Life e.V. works hand-in-hand with communities. Cattle are the only value they have, and they would do anything to protect them. Wildlife and human should coexist together, so harmony will remain and no one will harm each other. Wild at Life e.V. has two programs: camera traps and LED motion sensors/siren lights.

Since the implementation, there is a drastic decrease in the killing of wild animals and vice versa. Communities are thriving, and so is the wildlife.

Community Empowerment

Wild at Life e.V. believes in bringing a helping hand to everyone in need. For more than a decade, we work hand with local communities, bringing much-needed resources to places that do not have water to drink. Wild at Life e.V. is assisting birth clinics, schools, as well as orphanages and is trying to meet the vital needs of the surrounding communities. On the other hand, Wild at Life e.V. creates jobs related to the projects from these communities so the harmony of working together to preserve the wilderness is also achieved by many.

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