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Wild at Life e.V. is an international non-governmental organization (NGO) working in the area of wildlife conservation and biodiversity protection all over the world, integrating Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at each step of the way.

The United Nations (UN) has established Sustainable Development Goals: SDG13, SDG14, and SDG15 to promote environmental sustainability.

Wildlife conservation is an essential aspect of achieving these goals as it plays a significant role in maintaining ecosystem balance and biodiversity. However, wildlife trafficking poses a serious threat to many species, including chimpanzees, pangolins, and lions, which are often victims of this illegal trade.

To address this issue, Wild at Life e.V. works tirelessly to rescue and protect species and provide them with safe habitat to thrive in. We promote public awareness and support wildlife conservation efforts, advocating for policies that protect and preserve natural habitat and animals calling it home.

Our areas of activity

Combating illegal wildlife trade
Hindering lion canned hunting farm practice
Endangered species rescue, conservation & anti-poaching
Providing Aid in War-Torn Regions
Climate change & natural disaster relief missions
Farm, stray, & laboratory animals rescue & welfare
Human-wildlife conflict mitigation & community empowerment

featured in an award-winning documentary

Stopping The Next Pandemics

a joint production of ARTE France, Georama TV, and NHK Japan

The film shows how illegal wildlife trade poses a serious threat to human health, and highlights the importance of preserving natural ecosystems to prevent future pandemics.

Under the care of our rehabilitation program, rescued animals are released into national parks or sanctuaries where they will remain throughout their natural lifespan. During this time, Wild at Life e.V. is responsible for ensuring that these animals are well-cared for.

By focusing on these areas, Wild at Life e.V. will inadvertently also be contributing to:

1. Local employment and inclusion

Wild at Life e.V. creates jobs for local communities through direct employment and the provision of goods and services. It also enables us to become key participants in international efforts for wildlife conservation.

2. Protection of endangered wildlife

Wild at Life e.V. helps to support species diversity which is necessary to ensure the planet’s ecosystem resilience.

3. Protection of traditional cultures

Wild at Life e.V. is helping local communities to maintain their traditional way of life and minimize the pressures of modernization.

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The Founder

Aslihan Gedik, also commonly called Asli among her peers, is the founding chairman and Chief Conservation Officer (CCO) of Wild at Life e.V..

During her nine-to-five hours, she works as an investment banker. With over two decades of experience, Asli uses her strong knowledge of banking and sustainable finance to tackle the problems threatening wildlife and biodiversity.

Throughout her career, she has dedicated herself to Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG), sustainable finance, and green bonds.

Outside of the formal wear and air-conditioned office, Asli is a licensed ranger, big-cats expert, drone pilot, and divemaster.

As a passionate animal rights activist and conservationist, she has dedicated much of her life to protecting and rescuing abused, orphaned, and neglected animals. For example, she plans and conducts war-zone missions, most notably the abandoned zoo mission in Syria in the summer of 2017.

She has also successfully spearheaded campaigns against influencers who own protected wildlife as a means to enhance their fame, thereby contributing to the illegal wildlife trade.

Additionally, Asli is a natural disaster responder and has overseen rescue missions for earthquakes, wildfires, and floods.

Her exceptionally rare and unique ability to interact with animals has been captured and widely covered by leading media outlets such as Turkish Airlines.

As a reputable anti-vivisection activist, one of Asli’s most notable attainment dates back to 2006 when she and a few animal rights activists founded ‘Gateway To Hell’, a campaign aimed at rescuing laboratory primates from vivisection. After three years of resilience and commitment, ‘Gateway To Hell’ not only rescued 300 Rhesus monkeys from breeding farms in Nepal but also banned the breeding of primates for vivisection.

Since the early 2000s, Asli has been a high-ranking member of The Animal Liberation Front (ALF). Despite the danger it poses, she has worked underground in uncovering farms and laboratories, as well as performing rescue operations.

During a prestigious charity gala in Monte Carlo a decade ago, Asli’s speech and closing statement still inspire many today:
“We spend billions trying to discover life on Mars, while NGOs like ours can barely raise any funds to protect what we have on our planet.”

In the book “The Convergence of Nations: Why Africa’s Time is Now,” Asli contributed by writing a chapter.

Asli was featured in award-winning documentaries featuring Wild at Life e.V’s work.

To connect with Asli, you can find her on LinkedIn.

Conservation Partners and Benefactors
African Lion Environmental Research Trust
International Animal Rescue
Jakarta Animal Aid Network
Jane Goodall Institute
Pim Volkers Wildlife Photography
Rüsselheim e.V.
Save Giraffes Now
Saving the Survivors
Syto International
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Wales Ape & Monkey Sanctuary

Wild At Life Team

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Annual Activity Reports

Wild at Life e.V. has been incorporated in Germany since 2016. Below are our activity reports: