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Become an adoption Guardian

Your symbolic adoption provides critical support for our work while also making a special connection with one of the animals in our care. Choose from the list below to find your perfect match.

All money raised from adoption will be spent on caring for our animals. That’s why we won’t send you cuddles and gift bags!

Instead, you will have the option to receive an adoption certificate after you make a donation. In addition, your user account will be created on our website, which will give you access to materials prepared especially for our adoptive guardians.

Benefits of becoming an Adoptive Guardian

  • Adoption Certificate with a picture of your adopted animal,
  • Access to exclusive content: videos, articles and photos about your adopted animal
  • Access to freebies like Wild at Life mobile and desktop wallpapers

If you agree, we will mark you on our Instagram as a virtual guardian. You can also follow regular updates, including rescue videos and photos, on our official Facebook and Instagram pages.

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Below are our details if you would like to make a simple bank transfer.

Wenn Sie einfach eine Überweisung machen möchten, können Sie untern unsere Kontoinformation finden.‌

Wild at Life e.V.
Bank Account: Deutsche Skatbank
IBAN: DE12830654080004947703

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Become our GEM supporter

Set up a recurring donation to make an ongoing impact. With your regular support, we can continue our work to protect wildlife and their habitats, and take action against animal cruelty.

Choose one of the options below to see how you can help on a monthly basis.