What sets Asli apart is her pioneering spirit.

I am delighted to provide a heartfelt testimonial for our Terra Group’s Strategic Advisor,  Asli Han Gedik, a remarkable individual whose dedication to environmental conservation and sustainable finance is nothing short of inspiring.

Asli’s vision and commitment to the cause of nature conservation are truly commendable. Her call for scaled-up investment in nature conservation across all sectors, with a focus on measuring the return on investment in terms of biodiversity, climate, development, health, and security benefits, demonstrates her deep understanding of the interconnectedness of these critical issues. Her holistic approach to conservation is a testament to her foresight and passion.

What sets Asli apart is her pioneering spirit. She embraced the principles of Sustainable Finance and Green Bonds long before they became widely recognized and adopted. Her decision to embark on a Fixed Income trader career with a Socially Responsible trading approach, including the ability to evaluate issuers based on ESG principles, is a testament to her commitment to ethical and sustainable investment practices. Asli’s work in this area paved the way for others to follow, and her early dedication to sustainability has undoubtedly contributed to positive changes in the financial industry.

Asli’s involvement in the design of various conservation-related Bonds, including her current work on the Biosphere Bond and Lion Bond, reflects her dedication to finding innovative solutions for financing conservation efforts. Her role as the Global Head of Buy-Side and Sustainable Finance at European Primary Placement Facility (EPPF) S.A. underscores her influence and leadership in this critical field.

Furthermore, Asli’s role as the Founding Chairman and Chief Conservation Officer of Wild at Life e.V., a German NGO focused on biodiversity, climate, wildlife conservation, and anti-wildlife trafficking efforts, showcases her tireless dedication to making a tangible impact on conservation. Her work in mitigating human-wildlife conflict, enforcing wildlife laws, and rescuing wildlife reflects her hands-on approach and unwavering commitment to protecting our planet’s natural heritage.

Asli’s active participation in Sustainable Finance Working Groups and her advisory role at the Official Monetary and Financial Institutions Forum (OMFIF) demonstrate her willingness to collaborate, engage in dialogue, and influence change at the highest levels. Her involvement in various organizations and committees speaks to her ability to bridge the gap between finance, conservation, and policy, making her a valuable asset to the global environmental community.

In addition to her professional achievements, Asli is deeply involved in various chambers of commerce, international meetings, and organizations, which underscores her commitment to networking and building partnerships that can drive positive change.

Asli’s multifaceted contributions to conservation, sustainable finance, and global dialogue make her an exceptional leader in her field. Her dedication, innovation, and tireless efforts are making a profound impact on our world, and I have no doubt that her work will continue to inspire and drive positive change for years to come.

Tony Saxton

Terra Axis