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Saving animals from vivisection labs

Activity status: Ongoing
Area of Activity: USA

The Primate Freedom Project is dedicated to ending the use of primates in biomedical and harmful behavioural experimentation.

The Primate Freedom Project has three components: Education, Advocacy, and Support.

The aim of the Primate Freedom Project is to save primates from American labs, as well as to advocate for the cruelty behind vivisections.

Nearly 60.000 monkeys are used in basic research each year in the United States alone, and their numbers are growing. Private pharmaceutical companies, publicly funded universities, and the United States government have formed a coalition to defend against this cruelty. With their limitless resources, control of the media, and ability to jail dissenters, resistance can seem futile.

To raise awareness, we have a ‘Primate Freedom Tag‘ that bears the number of a primate in an American lab. Each tag has a unique permanent record stamped, containing the serial number of a monkey or non-human ape being held for experimentation in one of America’s primate research laboratories. Additionally, this record includes the date of birth, gender, species, and location of a prisoner. Each tag is packaged in an informative mini-booklet which explains how to contact the primate centre where your adopted prisoner is held along with questions to ask about the primate on your Primate Freedom Tag.

A Personal Connection

I turn over in bed in the middle of the night and hear the soft jingle of my Primate Freedom Tag sliding along the chain around my neck; at times it seems more the plaintive cry of a monkey than the sound of stainless steel against chain.

Wild at Life e.V. founder Asli Han Gedik is a Board Member of the Primate Freedom Project and is a strong advocate for primates in laboratories around the world.

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