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From Lost to Loved: Rescuing the Strays in Türkiye

Unwanted dogs and cats

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Area of Activity: Turkey
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Türkiye is known for its beautiful dogs and cats cohabiting with the people for centuries. Unfortunately today, the strays of Türkiye cannot keep up with the country’s disproportionate and hasty urban development, turning them to unwanted or abandoned animals.

Wild at Life e.V. is continuously pursuing rescue operations for the strays in Türkiye, aiming to save dogs and cats from the busy capital city as well as rural and forsaken areas of the overpopulated country.

Our routine is, in order of preference, as follows:

  1. Feeding them daily
  2. Caring for the injured ones and supply of prostheses
  3. Spay and neuter
  4. Re-homing of the young ones
  5. Re-homing of the handicaps
  6. Re-homing of the grownups
  7. Temporary house fostering
  8. Relocating them to pet hostels
  9. Relocating them into veterinary custody
  10. Relocating them into safer zones (parks, gardens, private shelters)
  11. Rehoming overseas

We established this plan by taking into account time and cost efficiency. For instance, although rehoming them overseas is the preferred option, the costs and time are way above the predictions. Aside from the cost, another problem is the assistance from permanent field officers. Considering the country’s worsening economic crisis, volunteering jobs are not always an option. Moreover, the crime rate is noticeably increasing in suburban areas, which affects strays in terms of physical injury, rheumatism, slaughtering, sadistic acts, amputation, rape, kidnaps and dog fights.

Wild at Life e.V. is proud to state that our male and female field officers are bold, loyal, well-trained, and apt to fight back in case of emergency.

Pictures of the strays we have saved and re-homed, before and after:

From the streets to a loving home!

Before we are able to put these strays up for adoption,

we need to rescue and nurse them back to health. With that, comes with expenses. Your support is essential for us to continue.

Thank you for giving love to these beautiful strays!

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