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Saved from Squalor: The Rescue of Nine Pigs from Neglect

Published on: May 30, 2024
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We are pleased to share a positive update on the situation involving the pigs from the neglected slaughterhouse in Sachsen-Anhalt. Our team successfully rescued the nine surviving pigs, ensuring they received immediate veterinary care and a safe, nurturing environment.

The Progress

Here you can see under what conditions they had to live in for years! Huddled together in a filthy, cramped corner of the slaughterhouse, they were surrounded by piles of rotting waste. The pigs themselves were in distress, with visible wounds, and signs of severe malnourishment and weakness. It was clear they had been treated like trash, abandoned to suffer in squalor. It`s a devastating picture.

And this is how they are looking now, after several months under our care. The pigs are now in a secure location where they are thriving, with space to roam and proper care.

Our rescue operation highlights the importance of swift action and community support in animal welfare cases. The well-being of these pigs serves as a perfect exapmle to the impact that coordinated rescue efforts can have on animals in dire situations. We are grateful for the support and resources that made this rescue possible and are committed to ensuring these pigs continue to live healthy, happy lives.

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