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Golden Values Award – 3rd Istanbul Economy Summit

Published on: December 8, 2019

The Istanbul Economy Summit is a platform where world economy leaders debate the new world order and the opportunities brought on by it, helping the participant businesses to implement partnerships in different countries.


  1. ​Global Trade Wars Impacts on the Economy
  2. ​How Digitalization Designs the Industry?
  3. ​Climate Change Impacts on Tourism Destinations
  4. ​Climate Change Impacts on Urbanization
  5. ​What’s New in the Supply Chain?
  6. ​Sustainable, Safe and Cost-Efficient Energy Transformation
  7. ​What’s Beyond Digitalization in the Financial World?
  8. ​The Future of the Mobility Ecosystem
  9. ​Role of the Media as the New World is Being Designed
  10. ​How Biotech Revolutionized Health?
  11. ​How the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Transform the Business World?

Evening Session :

  • Cocktail
  • Gala Dinner
  • Private Show
  • Golden Value Award Ceremony
  • Live Concert

During the Evening Session, OMFIF Member of the Advisory Council and Wild at Life e.V. Chairman Asli Han Gedik received Golden Values Award 2019.

Find out more about İstanbul Economy Summit:

  • Instagram: @istanbulekonomizirvesi
  • Facebook: İstanbul Ekonomi Zirvesi
  • Twitter: @istanbulekonom3
  • Linkedin: Istanbul Ekonomi Zirvesi

NB: With the cooperation of Istanbul Economy Summit & TURSAB, one tree has been planted by Tema Vakfi on behalf of each Istanbul Economy Summit participant.

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