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Great News on Mission Caita

Illegal Wildlife Trade and Poaching

Camera Traps have captured a variety of animals appearing in a fromerly heavy poaching area, showing that wildlife is recovering.

What The Mission Is About

Our mission of wildlife conservation and anti-poaching has been very successful so far. In honor of Caita, a chimpanzee that became a victim of poachers, the ongoing rescue operations of trafficked primates in Angola was named “Mission Caita. Since the start, Wild at Life e.V. has rescued numerous lives from distressing situations where families are torn apart, taken from their natural habitats, and sold for their body parts or entertainment pruposes. These animals endure a life of captivity, confined in small, dirty cages in zoos, safari parks, and laboratories where they suffer every day. The rescued ones find safety in sanctuaries, yet the harsh reality remains: there is no substitute for their families and their natural habitats.



The Importance of Camera Traps

When it comes to anti-poaching measures and wildlife conservation, camera traps are a huge help. The mere knowledge of their presence acts as a powerful deterrence, discouraging potential poachers from going into protected areas, aware that their illegal activities might be captured on camera. Beyond mere observation, camera traps are superior in evidence collection. When triggered by illegal activities, they produce images and videos that can become crucial proof. This evidence not only exposes the methods of poachers but also helps to identify the specific species targeted.In anti-poaching matters, camera traps function as strategic players, helping in identifying poaching hotspots and pinpoint areas with heightened risks. They are also very helpful for estimating population sizes, monitoring population trends, and assessing the health of wildlife populations which is crucial for making important conservation decisions and implementing effective measures.



Our Success Captured On Camera

Our camera traps have captured that numerous animals are making a triumphant return and the population of various species is increasing, which tells us that we are doing something right.

In a remarkable achievement, our records show a very big milestone – no new cases of poaching for endangered species have been reported in the past year; and after years of decline, the rainforest is once again becoming a vibrant home for countless species.. This remarkable decline in poaching activities shows that our work and the dedication of our team has paid off.

Our guiding motto, “Keep Wildlife Wild,” captures our mission to ensure the natural habitats of these species remain intact and thriving. These camera trap photos serve as a visual reward for our success and, inspiring us to continue our work.


How can I contribute? Consider the option of virtually adopting an animal to support us and sustain our ongoing conservation efforts.

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Illegal Wildlife Trade

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