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Stray Coat Program in Türkiye

Published on: March 17, 2024
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In the streets of Turkey, stray dogs face tough challenges every day. They don’t have homes, so they have to find food and stay warm on their own. We are here to help. We give these dogs coats to keep them warm in the cold weather. When they’re sick or hurt, we take them to the doctor for medical care. And we make sure they have plenty of food to eat. Our goal is to make life a little better for these dogs who are often forgotten. We want to show them kindness and help them stay healthy and happy, even without a home.


The Issue of Stray Dogs in Türkiye

In Türkiye the issue of stray animals, particularly dogs, creates huge challenges, and there are several reasons why the problem persists and keeps getting worse.

One major reason is abandonment. When owners can no longer care for their pets or find them inconvenient, they choose to abandon them, leaving these animals to fend for themselves on the streets.

Also insufficient animal welfare laws and their enforcement have hindered efforts to address the issue effectively. Türkiye has struggled with enforcing laws related to animal welfare, making it challenging to tackle the root causes pf the problem.

In addition Türkiye has faced difficulties in implementing effective spaying and neutering programs for stray animals. Without these interventions, the stray population continues to grow unchecked.

Distributing Coats

We provide coats to stray dogs in Turkey as a vital measure to protect them from the harsh realities of winter. In this region, temperatures can plummet, posing serious threats to the health and safety of these vulnerable animals. By outfitting them with coats, we offer essential insulation against the biting cold, shielding them from the elements and preventing the onset of hypothermia. These coats also serve as a barrier against wetness, ensuring the dogs stay dry and reducing the risk of discomfort and skin issues caused by damp fur.

Moreover, beyond the physical benefits, the provision of coats contributes to the overall well-being of these dogs. When they are warm and comfortable, their stress levels decrease, and they can remain more active and resilient. This boost in their mental and physical health is crucial for their survival on the streets.

Every coat we give makes a dog very happy.

Our Spaying and Neutering Efforts

We work diligently to spay and neuter stray dogs in Turkey as part of our ongoing efforts to manage their population and improve their welfare. Spaying involves surgically removing the ovaries and uterus of female dogs, while neutering involves removing the testicles of male dogs. This helps control the reproduction of stray dogs, preventing the birth of unwanted puppies and reducing the strain on resources for their care.

There are several reasons why spaying and neutering are crucial:

Population Control: Stray dog populations can grow rapidly if left unchecked, leading to overcrowding, competition for resources, and increased risks of disease transmission. Spaying and neutering help stabilize and reduce these populations, ensuring a healthier balance between dogs and their environment.

Health Benefits: Spaying and neutering can have significant health benefits for dogs. For females, it reduces the risk of uterine infections and certain types of cancers, while for males, it decreases the likelihood of testicular cancer and certain behavioral issues, such as aggression and roaming.

Preventing Unwanted Litters: By spaying and neutering stray dogs, we prevent the birth of unwanted litters that may end up on the streets, vulnerable to neglect, injury, or euthanasia. This helps break the cycle of overpopulation and reduces the burden on animal shelters and rescue organizations.

Overall, spaying and neutering are essential components of responsible pet ownership and effective stray animal management.

We go the extra mile in our mission to help stray dogs in Turkey by venturing into remote areas where few others tread. These are often places overlooked by mainstream services, where stray dogs struggle to survive without access to food, shelter, or medical care. By reaching these remote areas, we ensure that no dog is left behind, no matter how far they are from urban centers.

Our efforts not only improve their immediate well-being but also contribute to long-term solutions for managing stray populations. It’s our belief that every dog, no matter how remote their location, deserves a chance at a better life. Through our work in these areas, we strive to make that belief a reality.


Check out how happy and grateful they are when we arrive in this youtube video:

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