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Saving the Gentle Giants: A Journey of Elephant Conservation

In partnership with Wildlife Action Group

Activity status: Accomplished
Area of Activity: Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi
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Elephants are one of the largest land animals and are known for their intelligence, social behavior, and long lifespans. However, they face significant threats from poaching for their ivory tusks, habitat loss, and human-elephant conflict.

Poaching is one of the biggest problems faced by elephant populations today, with thousands of elephants killed each year for their tusks. Efforts to combat poaching include increased law enforcement, education and awareness programs, and partnerships with local communities to reduce the demand for ivory and provide alternative livelihoods. We work to protect elephant habitats and promote coexistence between elephants and humans to reduce human-elephant conflict. Elephants are a keystone species, meaning they play a critical role in their ecosystem, and their survival is essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems. By protecting elephants, we can help preserve the biodiversity and balance of our planet’s ecosystems.

In 2009, Wild at Life e.V. partnered with Wildlife Action Group Malawi with an aim to keep the wild elephant population of Thuma Forest Reserve, Malawi, safe.

Being an area where intense poaching takes place, our scouts and ranger team are on the ground daily to track the animals, remove traps set by poachers, confiscate weapons from poachers, and rescue animals in need. We are also working closely with the villagers to mitigate human-elephant conflict. Elephants are wandering into villages to eat their crops, and sometimes in the midst of the conflict, elephants or villagers end up getting killed. We are working to end these conflicts and have already built a 2km electrical fence around the three villages, as well as distributing flares, to be used to create loud noises to scare the elephants away.

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This project is carried out in the following activity areas
Endangered species rescue, conservation & anti-poaching

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