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Urgent Call for Help: Shelter Devastated by Landslide, Stray Animals in Crisis

Published on: April 7, 2024
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One of our animal shelters got hit by a landslide! We’re dealing with a terrible natural disaster right now.

Because of climate change, there’s been more rain in the area where we work. This shelter, one of five we have in Turkey, is home to lots of dogs. It’s our biggest shelter and it’s in a cold place. We also run our Give a Stray a Coat program there.

In recent years, the snow in the mountains has been melting fast because of big changes in temperature. Our shelter is in a spot where people often dump animals, so we started looking after it over ten years ago. We’d just fixed up the beds and roof for the summer when disaster struck.

A few days ago, there was a landslide. The snow melted quickly, bringing down huge rocks. Sadly, one of these rocks hit our shelter and trapped the dogs inside. Our food got ruined, and the road to the shelter is blocked. We’re really upset about what’s happened and are working around the clock to rescue the remaining animals.

The area is a disaster zone. Every shelter, room, and roof is gone. Not a single food box remains. We have lost everything. But we cannot turn back and leave now. We must continue, stronger than ever, to make the place better than before. The rainy season is making the situation even worse. With the shelter destroyed and a rock sitting on top of it, the dogs are now in the open.

We need your immediate help to continue rescuing these helpless souls. We urgently need to clean the area and start from where we left off. We are devastated.

Will you step in? You can contribute at by clicking on the following link: HELP 🚨 Natural Disaster has hit our Stray Shelter ‼️ by Wild at Life e.V. (

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